Documenting Couples' Lives

In a meaningful way

A Michigan Photographer Helping Couples and Others Savor Favorite, Real-Life Stories Through Photos

Thank you for taking the time to look around.  Many people looking for a photographer have no idea about this storytelling, memory-driven shooting approach or are a little intimidated by the unknown. My mission here isn’t to get you to book with me (though, that would be a joy too!), but to help you understand how to have your best photo session ever.  My site is packed with information to help educate and inspire you on the wildly meaningful photos that can be created tailored to your life. Before you click away, check out my story to learn more about me + how I can help you. If it makes sense to continue, you can learn more about the experience, pricing, and some killer session ideas to jumpstart your story by clicking here so I can email you my client guide + What Kind of Session is Best for Us Quiz.

Photo Sessions are for Anyone, at Any Age, Smack in the Middle of Any Season in Life

I’m a little different than most photographers. While I do value the typical family-with-little-ones or milestone photo sessions, my focus is on offbeat stages in life that silently mold and shape us. My clients are in a part of their journey you may not think to have a photo session for. Wedding aside, the story of a couple before starting a family is important - beyond the “we’re planning our wedding” photos. A photo session about your real story in life is a way to share your identity as individuals and as a couple. The same holds true for couples with children that have fled the nest, your story is important. Hell, you have a lot to celebrate! While your children are focused on growing their lives, I promise you a session that tells the story of your life today will be something they will be so thankful for later.

And you want to know something that really gets under my skin? No one is doing photo sessions of their kids past age 10. What’s up with that? I also greatly miss time with my Grandparents, which is a thing of the past with no photos to show of these memories. They’re all gone - that is the kind of time you cannot get back and my memories years later are becoming fuzzy. I hate it. You can have the opportunity to prevent lost or fuzzy memories by working with me.

A Session Designed to Wow Even the Most Boring of Couples & Families

If I only had a nickel for every time a potential client tells me, “I like the idea, but we are so boring. All we do is sit around and watch tv. We don’t do anything cute.” or “We are all in separate rooms - the kids play video games in their room, I’m in the living room or kitchen, and my husband is outside, what kind of photos could you possibly get from THAT?”

The truth is, aside from my shooting skills, mapping out a session is part of my expertise. I’ve crafted a unique planning process, that is more like taking a trip down memory lane than it feels like planning. You will be fully comfortable and excited about your session before we even set a date. Remember, you are here to hire a professional… that likely means you are not the pro, and sometimes, you’ve just gotta give a little bit of trust. Step outside your comfort zone a little and you will gain a visual cocktail of feelings from joy, love, and more connection that already exists (I help reveal it to you through my photos).

From Short Sessions to Full Day and Multiple Day Packages, I will Cover Your Whole Story

As a couple, only you know the time spent together that really keeps you connected. Maybe you like to have a lazy, breakfast-in-bed type of morning where it’s just the two of you + conversation. Perhaps it’s getting up early on the weekend to go on a day hike. Or, maybe it’s an escape to a secret, adventurous location for an extended weekend. Whatever it is, I’ll be a friend you invite along for the experience to make sure that the photos you get are truly recognizable to your love story.



Ok yeah, it may sound a little like I’m the third wheel, but I promise it’ll feel like you’re letting an old friend tag along. I make friends everywhere I go.

Help Me Travel the World

I am based in our forever-home in Michigan, but our family is on a mission to become globetrotters together. No really, we plan on pulling them out of school for a year to travel. My passport is up-to-date and would love the opportunity to pay a visit to your neck of the world. Inquire for a custom quote including travel.

A Harmony of Emotions Will Be Felt Through this Experience

The Obvious: Love, Joy

Those two words are the most common emotions sought out through a photo session, but the truth is, there is so much more.

The Not-So-Obvious


These words are often immediate to viewing your photos. However, the value and the words will expand over time. As the stories within the photos are heard for the first time by someone new in the family line or for when you find yourself yearning for one more touch from your spouse after they pass away, these photos will matter more than ever. Guaranteed.



Before we talk numbers, your photos will outlive you. Just remember that one fact and know you are about to embark on an experience with a trained serial moment-seeker.

Packages begin as low as $550.

Click here and I will send you my full listing of packages + products (and some other cool, inspiring stuff inside)

Need Some Help with Ideas?

It’s my pleasure to help you create a photo session that meaningful. This quick, little worksheet will help trigger some ideas/locations for your session. I’ll email it to you and upon completing it, just hit reply to the email to inquire about your session. I cannot wait to hear from you and hear your responses from the worksheet!